3000W High Powered Electric Bikes

Last week Electric Bike Conversions was visited by the manufactures of our electric bike conversion kits.

During their stay they were highly impressed with the setup of Electric Bike Conversions. We held various meetings to discuss many new products and upgrades to existing products. (More to follow regarding this at a later stage)

The main thing to come out of these discussions was progress of our exclusive 3000w high powered electric bike that is nearing completion. After extensive evaluation of the prototypes, production has now started. A very brief spec of this high powered electric bike is as follows:

Rated Power – 3000w
Nominal Voltage – 60/72v
Battery – 40ah Lithium ion battery

This 3000w high powered electric bike is built using competition shocks and forks.

Testing on this high powered electric bike has shown speeds of 94kpm (or 58mph to you and me). These will be sold as off road bikes only. Electric Bike Conversions do not recommend using this on the road due to the sheer power available.

We have already put this high powered electric bike to some of our biggest customers and they have been snapped up. All of our pre dated arrivals for March have been sold. We are now taking orders for stock arriving in April. If you are interested please get in contact quick as Id doubt these will be around for long.

The price for these high-powered electric bikes is £2450. This is incredible value compared to other brands offering such electric bikes boasting this much power.

This high powered electric bike, as already said, is built for off road use only. It’s certainly not for the faint hearted.

Where else can you find such a high-powered electric bike offering amazing acceleration for this cost?