Can electric bike climb steep hills?

Electric bikes are more than equipped to overcome all types of terrain and slopes. It’s even better if your bike has a mid-drive motor, as these are optimal for quickly managing steep hills. What I’m going to tell you is what features you’re going to want to have on an electric bike that make it suitable for hills. The ebike’s systems are designed to propel itself while climbing steep hills, although the average speed will likely decrease on the ascent.

With regenerative braking, battery life can be extended when descending so that the ebike can travel more distance. Many people who buy a gravel bike find it difficult to choose the right accessories for safe riding, such as a good helmet. Modifying the electric assist to help you maintain a steady pedal stroke is just as important as changing gears if you have the option on your e-bike. Most electric bikes with HUB motors have limited gear and speed options, so while they’re great for flats and slight inclines, they don’t do well on major climbs.

Keep an eye out for obstacles and terrain changes ahead so you can adjust your line accordingly and maintain a paddling flow while riding uphill on your E MTB. So there you have it, with the right technique you can conquer the steepest hills while riding an electric mountain bike.

Hopefully the information we’ve shared has given you a better understanding of what to expect from each of the different options that are available to you while shopping for an electric bike that will do what you need it to do. It should be clear from everything we’ve covered that even the most basic hub motor electric bike will do better hill climbs for you than it can do with pedal power alone.

True story – I once rode my bikes all the way from central California to Tijuana, Mexico to enjoy some tacos with my friend Rob. So, you may be wondering if electric Go-bikes can go uphill before you make the decision to buy one. By choosing the right setup, pedal assist e-bikes will only kick when you’re pedaling, giving you better control over the total power you need to complete your climb. Through the gearing systems, the e-bike can be propelled up steep hills and when doing this, the average speed will be quite low.

Ideally, when climbing a hill, use a lower mechanical gear and a higher electric assist gear to get the optimum amount of power to keep the bike moving forward.

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