How to find cycling routes near you

As summer is soon approaching, I’m sure that a lot of you are trying to find reasons to go out on your E-Bikes or your bikes that have been converted with one of our Conversion Kits. Are you looking for some scenic country cycling routes? Look no further! Please email us at [email protected] and let us know where you live and we will try our best to find some beautiful cycling routes by you.

Please see below the best cycling routes in the different counties around the UK:

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  • London to Threlkeld (Route 6)

This route is not for the faint-hearted due to it’s long route. The 390 mile route begins in London and passes through Watford, Luton, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Market Harborough, Leicester, Derby, Nottingham, Worksop, Sheffield, Manchester, Blackburn, Preston, Lancaster, Kendal and Windermere and Threlkeld.

  • Cambridge to Bottisham (Route 51)

This route is a little less work as it is only 7 miles long. This relaxing route passes by the River Cam, through the city of Cambridge and passes by the Museum of Technology in the old Pumping Station, which is only £3.50 per adult and £1.50 per child.

  • Dover to the Shetland Islands (Route 1)

Like your hardcore fitness as well as having a few weeks to spare? Why not take a look at this route which is in total 1,695 miles! This route passes through maybe parts of the country between Colchester and the Shetland Islands. Just some of the places you will pass through are, Dover, London, Hull, Whitby, Edinburgh and John o’Groats.

  • Walney to Whitby (Route 165)

This 74 mile route is the perfect excuse to explore the beautiful views of the Yorkshire Moors. Along this route you will be passing through, Commondale and Castleton and over the Larpool Viaduct forwards Whitby. Along the way you will be passing past the 12th century castle that gave Barnard Castle its name. With beautiful views, this is a route that you really don’t want to miss!

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