Electric Bicycle Rules and Regulations in Canada

While there are no specific age restrictions for electric bicycles, riders in Quebec and British Columbia must have a motorcycle license to ride on the roads. In Quebec, the rider must be at least 14 years old and wear a helmet while riding on the road. While the rules for riding on the road are similar to those for traditional bicycles, there are a few differences. The rules for electric bicycles in Quebec are different from those in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta.

In Quebec, power-assisted bicycles are legal. They must be at least 14 years old, or have a moped license. In Ontario, provincial regulations state that electric bicycles must have a minimum of 50 W of electrical output and that they must be 68 cm high. They must also have a headlight for the driver. The rules for riding an electric bicycle vary by province and municipality.

The provincial laws for electric bicycles are similar to those in Ontario. They require a separate throttle and pedals to operate the electric motor. In Manitoba, the seat of an electric bicycle must be at least 68 cm off the ground. All cyclists must wear a helmet with a chin strap that is fastened under their chin. They must also wear red reflective vests, which must be worn by both riders.