Alter Ego Renegade Cafe Racer Electric Bike

The Alter Ego Renegade Café Racer is an e-bike that takes on the look of a classic motorcycle. The design is a blend of comfort features and unconventional features. The battery is housed inside the model’s “gas tank”. The bike’s power output is 1,300W and it can reach a top speed of 20 miles per hour. Its electric motor can travel up to 30 miles, depending on the terrain and the amount of battery life it can hold.

It has a smart LCD display and LED headlights for enhanced visibility at night. The battery is powered by a Samsung 48V lithium-ion battery that is charged via a USB port. This means that it will stay charged for a long time and will not run out of power in a short time. This e-bike is the perfect companion for commuters, as it will provide you with a hassle-free way to get around town.

It features a 750W Bafang motor and a 500W continuous-output rear hub motor. It comes with two battery options, the 500 and the 750 PRO, and has a removable seat-post. It also offers optional Samsung 48V battery and a rechargeable Samsung lithium-ion battery. It will keep you moving for long hours without tiring you out.