Aventon Sinch Electric Bike Review

The Aventon Sinch e-bike is a portable, powerful, and comfortable power tool. It is virtually infinitely portable and can be packed in the trunk of a car or RV for easy transport. Its ultra-compact and versatile design makes it an ideal tool for the office or garage. The Sinch also has a great price, and is affordable for almost anyone. This e-bike is a great way to travel and save on gas, but isn’t necessarily practical.

The Aventon Sinch features a low step-through design and a foldable e-bike platform. The bike is lightweight and can be left in the trunk of a car. This makes it easy to carry from one place to another. The lightweight frame also allows you to take it with you anywhere you go without removing the battery. The battery is hidden in the top tube of the frame, and you can easily remove the batteries when not in use.

The Aventon Sinch e-bike has a large, backlit LCD display to show you how much assist you’re getting. The display also lets you know how much battery power is left, which is helpful if you’re travelling. The bike features a 500-watt geared rear hub motor, which provides assistance up to 20 mph. It also has a throttle, which provides easy and convenient control over the speed and battery portability.