Decathlon Elops 500 E Electric Bike Review

The Elops 500 E is Decathlon’s entry-level electric bike, and while it is more expensive than the Elops 520, it is still an excellent choice for most buyers. The bike’s design is based on other Elops models from the 100 to 500 series, and it has been appearing in the Decathlon catalog for the past couple of years. Here’s a detailed look at the bike’s features and performance.

Elops 500 E

The battery on the Decathlon Elops 500 E is modest, delivering 220 Watts at 24V and 8.8Ah. This is not a large battery, but it will keep you from getting bored on your bike.

This is an important feature in an electric bike. It allows you to ride further while still being comfortable. You can ride for up to 45km with ease. The Elops 500 also comes with built-in lights, mudguards, and a rear rack.

The Elops 500 E is an electric bike from Decathlon, and the price tag is 699 Euro. The bike comes with a 2A charger that can be installed easily in your home.

The only problem is that you cannot remove the battery, making it a pain to take out your bike. However, if you don’t mind a small inconvenience, this electric bike is a great choice for the urban commuter.

Elops 500 E Electric Bike Model Overview

The Elops 500 E is an electric bike that was designed for short commutes and long rides. With a 45 km battery life and comfortable seating, the bike is ideal for both walking and running.

Moreover, it is equipped with a lighting system and a rechargeable battery. Hence, it is the perfect choice for walking or running, but only for short distances. Despite its low autonomy, the Elops 500 is an excellent choice for city-dwellers.

Elops 500 E Overview

The Elops 500 E has a low frame that makes it easy to get on and off, even while carrying a heavy load. Its handlebars are situated high, making it easy to keep the back straight and reduce upper body fatigue. The sturdy steel seat post ensures comfort and visibility. Moreover, the battery life is excellent for urban riding. The Elops 500 E is available at Decathlon.

This electric bike has low frame height which makes it easy to get on and off. This is particularly helpful when you are carrying a lot of stuff. Its handlebars are located close to the chest, which means that you don’t have to stretch yourself out to reach the pedals.

Furthermore, the low frame height helps you keep your back straight, reducing upper body fatigue. It also improves visibility.

How Comfortable Is The Decathlon Elops 500 E?

The Decathlon Elops 500 E is a comfortable bike that uses a hub motor. This means that the geometry of the frame is not affected. The seat is also low and the grips are ergonomic.

The seat also has a suspension fork, which takes the impact of cobbles. The Elops 500e has a large luggage rack and a comfortable saddle, which is great for walking or running. The battery is hidden under the rack, so you can easily remove it.

The Decathlon Elops 500 E has suspension on the fork and the seat post. The handlebar is ergonomic, with a low position for the hands, and the saddle is low, so it absorbs shocks.

Ideally, this bike should be used on smooth roads. It comes with a big luggage rack welded to the frame, with a capacity of 27 kilograms. It also has tensioners, which help hold objects in the rack.

The frame is sturdy and stable, and the handlebar is comfortable. The seat is low, but the frame is sturdy, preventing the e-bike from slipping off the road. The big luggage rack is welded to the frame, with a capacity of 27 kilograms. Tensioners hold things in the luggage rack. You’ll feel confident riding this bike. This is an excellent bike for paved roads.

Elops 500 E Frame – Geometry and Suspension


The Decathlon Elops 500 E model is equipped with suspension on the seat post and fork, and the handlebars are ergonomically designed to provide support and comfort for the hands. The seat is low, and the bike’s low saddle absorbs shocks. The bike has a range of thirty to forty-five kilometres, depending on the rider. A big luggage rack is welded to the frame and holds 27 kilograms. The battery charger is visible in the luggage rack.

The Elops 500 e has a low frame. This allows riders to easily get on and off the bike, which is particularly handy when you’re carrying bags. The frame is low-set, so the handlebars are close to your chest. The low-set handlebars also help you maintain a straight back, limiting the risk of upper body fatigue. The low-set handlebars also improve visibility.

The Elops 500 E frame is made from durable aluminium and steel. The lightweight and sturdy frame provides a steady ride and is easy to store and transport. Its battery provides enough energy for an enjoyable trip for two. With the ability to ride in the city, it is a versatile bike that’s great for short trips. You can ride it all over town, but when you want to hit the slopes, you’ll appreciate the extra assistance of an electric bicycle.

Decathlon Elops 500 E – Equipment and Accessories


The Elops 500e is an electric bike with a hub motor. Its low gear number makes it a great option for walking or running. It also allows you to keep your back straight while pedaling. The Elops 500e’s frame is the same as the Elops 520, which makes it a great choice for commuting. And you don’t need a sporty position, since it’s completely flat.

The Elops 500 E is equipped with a high-performance battery and a 6-speed transmission. The battery packs a punch, but it’s not quite as powerful as the Shimano Tourney. For the most part, the Elops 500 E will be fine on paved roads. Its integrated headlight is one of the best features of this bike. Its high-intensity beam gives you enough light to see what’s ahead.

The battery life is good for about 90 minutes of eco-mode riding. The Elops 500 E can run on paved roads. It also has a large, welded-to-the-frame luggage rack. It has a maximum capacity of 27 kg, and it has tensioners that keep your things in place. The battery is a powerful feature that you’ll be grateful for when you’re traveling.

What’s the Decathlon Elops 500 E like to ride on the road?

The Decathlon Elops 500 E is an electric bike with suspension on the seat post and fork. The handlebar is ergonomic and provides support for your hands while you pedal.

The seat is low and absorbs shock. It is a comfortable road bike, but it has some shortcomings. The battery is located in the pannier rack and this can affect the ride quality. The battery is charged at the bottom of the frame.

Fortunately, the Decathlon Elops 500 E has an impressive range – for electric bikes – and it isn’t particularly heavy. The bike’s battery is relatively modest – it can deliver 220Wh at 24 V / 8.8 Ah.

While it’s not the largest battery, it’s adequate for commuting. However, it’s still important to keep a close eye on the range.

One of the biggest drawbacks of electric bikes is that they require a lot of battery power. The Decathlon Elops 500E comes with a small battery and is only good for shorter trips around town.

The small, low-capacity battery is ideal for shorter trips around town or around the neighbourhood, and you’ll get more mileage out of it compared to an electric bike with a higher-end battery.

Changing Gears on the Decathlon Elops 500 E


Changing Gears on the Decathlon Elop 500 E is a simple process. The bike’s six-speed transmission is comparable to the Shimano Tourney and delivers a decent level of power.

However, the Elops 500e is not the first electric bike to feature a 6-speed system. For this reason, it is important to remember that the battery is not a marathon runner. It is, however, an entry-level model with the same specs.

The Decathlon Elops 500 E features a suspension system on its fork and seat post. This system provides better control and comfort. The low-slung saddle is a good choice for absorbing shock.

It is best suited for flat roads and is compatible with most terrain. The bike also comes with a large luggage rack that is attached to the frame and can hold up to 27kgs of luggage. The load is held in place with tensioners on the top and bottom.

Changing Gears on the Decathlon Elop 500 E is easy and hassle-free. Its handlebar is ergonomic and provides support for the hands. The saddle is low to absorb shocks.

It is designed for paved roads and comes with a big luggage rack that is welded to the frame. The luggage rack has a capacity of 27kgs. It comes with tensioners to keep the load securely in place.

Decathlon Elops 500 E’s V-shape brakes

The Decathlon Elops 500 E is an electric bicycle that features a nifty V-shape brake system. The electric bike uses a hub motor instead of a chain and is therefore easier to control.

The frame is the same as the traditional bike model, the Elops 520, and the frame finishes are fine for this price range. The battery is located under the rack and is visible from below.


The braking system on the Elops 500 E is straightforward and effective. Its V-shape brakes are efficient when riding in dry weather. They can stop a cyclist within four meters without using any other brake system.

The resulting low-profile design helps riders to avoid bumps. The large seatpost and saddle combine to make a comfortable ride. The big luggage rack is fixed to the frame and has a capacity of 27 kgs. Tensioners help hold luggage in place.

The brakes on the Decathlon Elops 500 E are equipped with classic V-shape pads. The V-shape brakes are effective when riding in dry weather.

Despite their effectiveness, they do lose their effectiveness when the road surface is wet or there is extra weight on the rack. The front derailleur is a sturdy yet low-maintenance option.

Decathlon Elops 500 E’s Battery


The Decathlon Elops 500 E has a modest battery, capable of delivering 220 Watts of power at 24 V and 8.8 Ah. Its range is 45 km, so it is best suited to flat ground.

The bike also comes with mudguards and a rear rack. The battery is rechargeable and comes with a 2A charger. It has a ten-year warranty, which is excellent.

The battery is located on the rear hub. It sits in a custom steel rack. Although not enormous, it should still be fine for most commuting purposes.

The battery is a key part of the bike’s design, so the user should consider charging it correctly. However, the battery is the limiting factor when it comes to range. The battery life depends on your riding style and the amount of distance you cover per day.

The Decathlon Elops 520 is also an affordable e-bike. It costs 699 euros. The price difference between these two bikes is only a few Euros.

While the Elops 940 E is a much more expensive electric bike, the Elops 500 is cheaper and offers only electrical assistance. If you need an e-bike for commuting, this model is perfect. And at this price, it’s a good deal.

Pros & Cons


As one of the first electric bikes on the market, the Decathlon Elops 500 E has a lot to offer. Its Bosch Active line central motor delivers 30 NM of torque and comes with a Shimano Tourney 6-speed transmission. Its power delivery makes it an excellent choice for flat-surfaced riding. But there are also some drawbacks. This review will look at the pros and cons of the Elops 500 E, which will help you make an informed decision.

While the Elops 940e and 650b are among the most expensive electric bikes, the Elops 500e is the cheapest. Compared to its more expensive siblings, the Elops 500e has a small rear hub motor and therefore is the most affordable electric bike on the market. The wheels are a great choice and go with the frame nicely, and the big luggage rack is welded to the downtube. The rack holds up to 27kgs of luggage.

Decathlon Elops 500 E – Conclusion

The Decathlon Elops 500 E is an electric bike with a 6-speed transmission. The bike’s frame is similar to its traditional counterpart, the Elops 520. Its frame finishes are adequate for a budget electric bike.

The cable tension and gear number are low, but the overall performance of the Elops 500e is satisfactory. Although the battery is visible under the rack, the lighting is subpar and the battery does not last long.

The battery of the Decathlon Elops 500 E is quite modest, but it delivers adequate power. It delivers 24 V / 8.8 Ah and can stop within 4 meters. It is also suitable for walking or running and has a rack for carrying extra weight.

Nevertheless, the battery does not last long and should be replaced every 400 km. The battery, however, is easily replaceable. Its frame and handlebars are durable and comfortable to ride.

The Elops 500 E is pleasant to ride. The 6-speed Shimano Tourney transmission is an entry-level choice. The bike has reliable approval, but it does hang on to certain speed changes.

This is an issue worth considering when deciding on the best electric bike for you. The cable tension is adjustable and the derailleur screw is easy to adjust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elops a Good Bike Brand?


The Elops 500 E is one of the best bikes on the market. It comes with a slider adjustment for the handlebars.

Where are Elops bikes made?

Elops bikes are made in China and retailed by Decathlon whose headquarters are in Lille, France