How fast do police e-bikes go?

This is an electric bike with a throttle, but also requires operable pedals. These Class 3 e-bikes are also known as speed-pedelecs. RECON Power Bike helps supply the FBI’s uniformed police, which is part of the Bureau’s Security Division. So if there are guys on Top 2.0s going 50 mph, shouldn’t the police have their own 50 mph e-bikes to catch them?

In most situations, e-bikes can be used just as effectively – if not more so – than conventional bikes. In his retirement, Clint introduces and educates law enforcement (including nationally with the IPMBA) and the community on the use of the e-Bike. This bike is made exclusively for law enforcement and may not be available to ordinary citizens. We hope this series will help your agency make an informed decision about the use of electric bicycles for police patrol.

Considering this is a police bike, you won’t find the Trek Electric Police at your local bike shop, nor will you find it online. It’s equipped with a powerful motor that propels it to top e-bike speeds and is paired with a high-capacity battery to ensure long-range operation. For example, the Los Angeles Police Department requires its officers to first pass a 40-hour basic bicycle patrol course on a conventional service bike before successfully completing and passing its e-bike course before officers can use e-bikes. The introduction of the Bosch pedal-assist system on the Trek electric police bike means patrols can last longer and cover a wider geographical area.

Recon is the leading supplier of electric police bikes to law enforcement, with police bikes in more than 35 states. The Electric Police is powered by a powerful 350W Bosch Performance Speed motor that was built for endurance riding. The downside is that they won’t be able to stop speeding Teslas on the freeway like cops can with Zero electric motorcycles, but the advantages for lower intensity police contacts could make up for it. A few years ago, the company broke the Guinness World Record for the longest electric bike ride on a single charge without pedaling.