How Long Do Bike Chains Last?

A bicycle chain should last for about five thousand miles, assuming proper maintenance. If a cyclist maintains their bike chain properly, it can last almost 8,000 miles. However, the life of a chain decreases as it begins to stretch. For every percent elongation, two watts of power are lost. A bike chain will last for about three years, depending on how much riding you do.

The lifespan of your bike chain depends on how often you replace it. A good chain should last between 500 and 5,000 miles. However, this will depend on the type of chain you purchase and how much mileage you put on it. If you maintain your bike and ride frequently, a new chain will last for many years. If you ride frequently in rough terrain, however, you may need to replace the whole chain sooner.

In order to determine how long your bike chain will last, it’s necessary to check the length of each link. The chain should be 12 inches across, with 1 percent elongation between each link. In order to replace the chain, you should measure the length between the links. The length of the chain should also be measured from side to side. A worn chain should be replaced when it’s one sixteenth or one eighth inch in length.