How much does a bosch ebike cost?

The question should probably be, does a Bosch electric bike need as many service intervals as the maintenance indicator indicates. That’s what makes it expensive.

The Bosch ebike is one of the most sustainable means of transport and plays a central role in the mobility of the future. For more than a decade, Bosch has been offering innovative ebike drive systems with outstanding performance and quality. The motor also has a drive assistant when it is physically impossible to drive the ebike down the mountain slopes. The intelligent system combines the motor, rechargeable battery and display and guarantees a highly individual eBike experience thanks to the perfect interaction of the components.

Please note that the Bosch Performance Line Speed and Cargo Line Speed are not included in this chart because they offer a maximum assist speed which is currently illegal for e-bikes in the UK. The table allows you to select the Bosch e-bike motor and battery, modify the ride factors and wham, out comes an estimate of the range. Most of the popular electric bike manufacturers use Bosch eBike systems to create a high quality electric bike. If you are looking for an electric bike with high-quality motors and excellent performance, choose those with Bosch motors.

Bosch eBike systems are controlled via an on-board computer or a compatible smartphone display. Whether you’re putting in big miles on a hybrid electric bike or riding your favorite trail, Bosch’s Performance line always offers the right level of support. A recent addition from Bosch, the slim and compact design allows e-bike manufacturers to seamlessly integrate the battery into their frame. Bosch eBike motors use a torque sensor, which is a more advanced type of pedal assist than many other manufacturers, who use cadence sensors.

Your eBike is now fully connected thanks to the new eBike Flow app and LED remote control, and is therefore ready for the digital future.