How to Prevent Knee Pain When Riding an Ebike?

Whether you’re riding a normal bike or an electric bike, you must always keep your knees straight and avoid bending them. Pedaling in an unnatural way can lead to pain in the knee. In order to prevent this, you must pedal in perfect circles, keeping your knees relaxed. Wobbling puts undue stress on the cartilage and knee cap, causing severe discomfort.

The seat height of your bike is one of the most important factors in preventing knee pain while riding an electric bicycle. Ideally, the seat height should be twenty to thirty degrees when pedaling at the lowest setting, and 80 to 90 degrees when the pedals are at their highest. The seat height should be adjusted so that the kneecap doesn’t rub against the femur.

The seat is another factor that can cause knee pain. When you’re riding an electric bike, it is important to keep your knees at the proper angle to prevent damage to your knee. The saddle should be high enough to prevent the knee cap from rubbing the femur, while the saddle should be low enough to allow you to pedal comfortably. The seat should be adjusted so that you’re comfortable while pedaling.