How to Prevent Wrist Pain When Riding an E-bike?

There are several reasons why a person’s wrist may be in pain while using an e-bike. These include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and ulnar neuropathy. But if you’re riding an e-bike, you’re probably experiencing pain in the same place! Read on to learn more about how to prevent wrist pain while riding an e-bike.

If your wrist pain is a result of a carpal tunnel, you should pay attention to your specific circumstances. For instance, if the symptoms occur quickly, you should make a bigger change, such as adjusting the saddle position. If you’re experiencing pain after a few hours, the most likely culprit is your hand position. If your wrist is paining after just a few rides, you should make a change right away.

If you’re having problems with your hands while riding, massage them. Shake your hands vigorously to relieve hand pain, but don’t lean too hard against the handlebars. Some E-bikes have padding to reduce vibration and shock to the hands. Cruise control systems and throttle controls can reduce the pressure on your wrists. Depending on the type of hand position you’re suffering from, a simple adjustment may be all it takes to prevent your hand from feeling worse.