500w Front Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit Incl. Battery

Electric bike conversion kits are perfect if you’re looking for assisted power but are comfortable with your current bike. Our kits are easy to fit, user friendly and the end product will transform your current bike. Why not try a 500w front wheel electric bike conversion kit to transform your current bike into an electric bike.

A 500w front wheel electric bike conversion kit. The motor is a gearless high speed, high efficient, powerful motor. These 500w front wheel electric bike conversion kit offer you more than the average 500w front wheel electric bike conversion kit. With duel power mode you can set the speed to 15mph for road use and then turn off for full power on the road.

Electric Bike Conversions Ltd has the wheel size to fit your current bike with 20”, 24″, 26”, 27.5″, and 28”. 29″ and 700c sizes available. The wheel is a double walled alloy rim with reinforced spokes to withstand any extra tension. A minimum 100mm between fork drop-outs (which is the vast majority of forks) with 10mm drop-outs.

The brake levers supplied contain micro switches that cut the power to the motor when applied. These levers are compatible with both disk and v-brakes. Unfortunately they are not compatible with hydraulic brakes. There are a couple of options available to you. Please call 01438 986007 to discuss.

Our 500w front wheel electric bike conversion kit package combines a pedal assistance system with an advanced LCD handlebar monitor which not only gives you 5 levels of power assist but also displays your speed, journey distance, time, average speed, cruise control etc. Also programme the speed to cut the power of the motor when you hit the set speed. Having 5 levels of assistance puts you in charge of how much assistance you want which can help reduce the burden of your battery which will help extend the range and battery life.

You will also receive a thumb throttle with this 500w front wheel electric bike conversion kit which will allow you to travel without the need of pedalling. Be aware this will decrease the range per battery charge if you continue to use.

The ECU (controller) is also included. This is basically the brains of the operation. It’s a 36volt brushless, intelligent controller. You will also receive a waterproof bag to house this in.


All 500w front wheel electric bike conversion kit will come with a battery. You have a choice of what battery you can have. Please send a message with your order when selecting. You can pick from a:

Downtube Battery is a 13amp 36 volt Lithium Ion. The battery has a built in battery management system that will stop the battery from overcharging. Comes complete with a 36volt 2amp battery charger that takes roughly 5-6 hours to fully charge. Also comes with plate that attaches to the downtube bar that the battery just slides on/off. Will also come with 2 unique keys for locking the battery to the frame.

The downtube battery is a lightweight battery weighing only 7lbs. Dimensions of the battery are 35cm long; 9cm wide; 11.5cm high – The battery has a tapered shape with the back end at 11.5cm and the front 10.8cm tall. Even with its lightweight design the battery packs enough power. You are very capable of getting 30 miles per charge. Some customers have even reported up to 40 miles per charge. This will depend of many factors like terrain, weight of rider/bike, how the bike is ridden. The average life of the battery is 800-1000 cycles or 3 years.

On the side of the battery will be a charge level indicator showing you how much charge you have left in the battery. There is also a 5volt USB port for charging your mobile phone on the go.

Or you can go with a:

Rack Battery which is an 11amp 36 volt lithium ion battery. Our rack batteries also come with a built in battery management system that stops the battery from overcharging. Again comes with a 36volt 2amp battery charger that will charge the battery within 5-6 hours.

Comes complete with a double rack that sits above your rear wheel. The battery slides in and out of the rack and still leaves you with someone above the battery to attach you panniers. Comes with 2 unique keys that allow you to lock the battery in place.

Please click on the links below for full spec of each battery.



As said before please leave a message when ordering for which battery you need. Electric Bike Conversions will send out a downtube battery unless instructed.

Conversion Kit Specification:

Rated Power – 500w

Nominal Voltage – 36v

Technology – Brushless Gearless Motor

RPM – 100 – 380

Max Torque – 32N.m

Efficiency – 83%

Hall Sensor – Yes

Everything needed to convert a conventional bike into an electric bike is supplied along with comprehensive instructions in plain English. You will receive extras including cable spiral to make the conversion look like a professional fit.