What electric bikes are made in Canada?

Today there are several types of electric bikes manufactured by Trek on the market. Don originally developed these bikes after he moved to a mountain community in British Columbia and had to give up cycling. They are priced a bit higher than many other bikes, but they are a good value for what you get, plus they have dealers for better support than some on this list. Most importantly, e-bikes feature a waterproof controller so you don’t have to worry about rainy weather.

It’s inevitable that you’ll need parts because e-bikes are more expensive, so you’ll want to keep them running as long as possible and you’ll probably put more miles on them and wear out parts faster than on a conventional bike. Depending on where you are, the selection and knowledge about e-bikes can be very limited and you may even find that some purists have an attitude towards e-bikes and feel it’s cheating. Also, e-bikes come with a maintenance-free battery management system that allows you to leave the battery plugged in for as long as you want. While the possibilities of different types of ebikes are seemingly endless, new and experienced riders should be properly informed that there is no single “best electric bike”.

Specialized has consistently produced great models since 1974, so it’s no wonder this electric bike is on the list. Plus, it’s drag-free, which means that if in any case, your e-bike’s battery dies, you can pedal your e-bike just like any other regular bike. If you’re lucky enough to have a dealer nearby, I recommend buying from them to get local support for your e-bike. Overall, you will definitely enjoy a ride with this brand of e-bikes even if it’s your first time trying them.

From my local experience, there are few e-bikes in the spring and the sales people’s knowledge of e-bikes is very limited. Giant has been around for years, so you can be sure they’ll be here in a few years to service their bikes. You’ll fall in love with their three full-size bikes starting with the Spark City E-bike, not to mention the Spark X fat tire E-bike which is usually their most expensive e-bike model.

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