Which electric bikes have a throttle?

Most Class 2 e-bikes are limited to 750W to comply with e-bike laws, however, torque (Nm) is unregulated, and can significantly increase acceleration and performance on steep inclines. If you try to climb a hill with just the throttle (no pedal power of your own), you put a lot of strain on the bike. With 80mm front suspension, a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain and Tektro mechanical disc brakes, it has all the trimmings of a solid offroad ebike. Hit the throttle and the motor will propel the bike forward without you having to pedal.

When you pedal, the bike gives a little burst of power from the electric motor so you feel like you’re riding a regular bike. If you’re heading to work, an appointment, or any other destination with a specific arrival time, these bikes may be the best choice. From cargo bikes to city and commuter bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, and even beach and tandem bikes, there’s something for everyone. Finally, a notable feature of this bike is that you can remove the throttle, making the bike a Class 1 e-bike if you ever travel to a park, state or country with strict e-bike laws.

When using the e-bike on private property or on a closed-circuit racetrack, you can select racetrack mode on the LCD screen. If the Aventon Pace 350 (above) is on your radar, but you want a little more speed, opt for the Class 3 Aventon Pace 500 urban e-bike, which tops out at 28 mph (and also comes in a step-through model). While it’s an impressive feature, it’s not a problem if your bike isn’t equipped this way. But cars are much worse for the planet than e-bikes, and cars are more expensive initially and over time if you factor in maintenance, gas, license and insurance costs.

The Class 2 e-bike rides on 27.5×2.2-inch Kenda Kwick Seven Sport tires, is stopped by Tektro mechanical disc brakes and reaches a top speed of 20 mph with either pedal-assist or throttle. In the U.S., regulations on Class 2 electric bikes vary quite a bit; to learn more, check out the state-by-state electric bike laws.

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