Which electric bikes have bosch motors?

Many customers like the longer range of the Yamaha motor, so depending on your intended use of the e-bike, you should carefully consider the two motor options. Bosch e-bike motors use a torque sensor, which is a more advanced type of pedal assist than many other manufacturers, who use cadence sensors. You can find his work on the Fly Rides website and find him in the flesh following all the laws of cycling in your nearest bike lane. I’m going to start with a Riese & Muller Bosch intube bike because they are definitely the most versatile of the bunch.

The Medeo T10 HMB is a sleek and sporty electric bike with dual battery capability to extend your ride beyond the possibilities above. All of the following bike manufacturers offer eBikes with factory-installed Bosch drive systems. Your ebike is now fully connected thanks to the new eBike Flow app and LED Remote – and thus ready for the digital future. Whether it’s a cargo bike for everyday use or a mountain bike for the trails, the Bosch drive system provides help exactly when it’s needed thanks to sophisticated sensor management.

In Bosch drive systems for e bikes, three sensors measure torque, speed and acceleration more than 1000 times per second, ensuring perfect interaction between rider and electric bike. But is it really necessary? At over 23kg, this has to be one of the heaviest carbon bikes I’ve seen, even if it is a bit light for a high speed electric bike. With high torque and sporty performance, the mountain bikes are designed specifically for off-road cycling. The intelligent system, the new generation of Bosch eBike Systems, is fully connected and always up to date thanks to regular over-the-air updates.