Which electric bikes have the best range?

Here you’ll find a range of some of the longest range electric bikes on offer, from off-road beasts with powerful suspension and lightweight frames, to inner city options equipped with pannier racks and indicators. They are experiencing exceptional growth thanks to clever design, excellent build quality and a range of affordable bikes that are among the best-selling in Europe. Although there is no fully standardised measurement of electric bike range yet, we’ve done a bit of research and found the top 5 bikes with incredible range both in the city and in the country. Juiced electric bikes have a range of between 40 and 100 miles depending on a number of factors such as battery size, average speed, terrain, rider weight, etc.

The Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL is a high-end electric bike with some brilliant components built in. The Trek Allant 9.9s is a fantastic long distance electric bike, with an excellent range of 160 miles on a 625Wh battery. The Qwic Premium MN7, available in a range of sizes and with male and female geometries, is an affordable long-distance electric road bike with a respectable 85 miles of range in pedal-assist mode. It’s not only the cheapest long-distance electric bike you’ll find, but also one of the best in terms of performance, thanks to its combination of pedal assist modes, hydraulic brakes and a full gear setup.

With so many long distance electric bikes on offer these days, suitable for a huge range of people, there’s no need to compromise power for the sake of battery life. The Dost Drop is a mixed-use, long-distance electric bike designed for both country trail riding and city cruising, and is a powerful all-rounder that’s ideal for medium to long distance commuting. Look after it well and it will last as long as a regular bike too. With an impressive 110 mile range, the RD11 can be fitted with a powerful 735Wh battery, one of the largest available on any electric bike. The Optibike R16C eMTB is a perfect long-distance electric bike for those who ride on mountain trails and scree slaloms.

There are many long-range electric bike options on the market today, from dual-battery eMTBs to sleek superchargers and everything in between. Whether you’re looking to make your commute to work with ease or add a thrill to your weekend adventures, there’s a great long-range electric bike for you here.