why does my electric bike keep cutting out?

There are many causes of an e-bike cutting out. It could be loose connections or faulty components. Trying to diagnose the problem is easy. Just check the prongs of the battery and the connection to the controller. Sometimes, it is the throttle. If so, try adjusting the throttle and seeing if the problem is still there. If so, you may need to replace the throttle or a faulty battery.

A faulty battery is the most common cause of e-bike power cut-outs. If the battery is too weak, it may cause the motor to shut down. If it’s a faulty controller, you can test it by removing the screws on the switch plate. If the battery is low, check the connections to the key switch, power switch, and the fuse holder. If all three are functioning properly, the problem could be the controller. The controller is the processor that processes signals from sensors and transfers the power to the motor.

If you have a red or black battery plug cable, inspect it carefully to make sure the tabs are still in place. If there is a connection between the battery and the power switch, it may be faulty. If you find any of the components to be burned, replace them immediately.

Another common cause of a motor cutout in an electric bike is a faulty sensor. You need to check whether the sensors are damaged or knocked out.

If you don’t have an electrical diagnosis, it’s a good idea to visit a repair shop. Most of these issues can be easily solved. It’s not difficult to fix a loose connection or battery, and most electric bikes are very easy to maintain.