Why electric bikes are not popular?

The main reason why electric bikes are not in widespread use is the fact that human legs and electric motors want to produce power at very different RPMs. Casual cyclists pedal at about 60 RPM. Rick Krassoi is the owner of Eurocycles, a large importer and retailer of electric bikes, and the Bosch service partner that supports all the bike shops in Australia that sell electric bikes with Bosch motors. With some of the major price drivers showing signs of stabilising, many retailers have already started to lower their e-bike prices to pre- pandemic levels.

It recently filed patents for electric-powered versions of its CB125R and CB300R, which are small, easy-to-ride, general-purpose café racer-style bikes. Interestingly, most people’s commute distances didn’t vary, regardless of the type of bike they rode; commutes weren’t longer on the electric bikes, but they were more frequent. This means that you have to be prepared at all times not to run out of battery halfway through the ride, as the next point is that e-bikes are often very heavy, making them slightly uncomfortable to ride. According to him, the number of e-bikes is small here due to lack of awareness (according to Bosch, more than 500,000 pedelecs were sold in Germany last year).

Although the pandemic has boosted e-bike sales, prices have remained relatively affordable for the consumer. Electric bikes are good for a large range of people and can be driven by man, by electricity or, more commonly, with the help of the motor to make the job easier and increase speed (50 km/h on average). A standard unassisted bike might be best for those who don’t have a long commute to work, who just want the bike for exercise, or those who are fit and healthy enough to cycle where they need to go unassisted. Overall, people’s heart rates were 8 percent lower when riding electric bikes, but still within the range considered moderate exercise.

Of course, you can buy a cheap, low-quality electric bike, but it may cause more long-term problems than it’s worth dealing with. The study, published in July in The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, involved 101 healthy adult men and women in Hamburg, Germany, who agreed to alternate between a standard bicycle and an electric bike for two separate two-week periods. The low range batteries, weak motors, extremely heavy components and awkward contact points of a cheap electric bike could take the joy and usefulness out of it. Their high price point also leaves many wondering if electric bikes will get any cheaper in the long run. Riding a pedal-assist bike with low power will raise the rider’s heart rate steadily, without the sudden surges of climbing hills on a regular bike.

Almost every company that offered electric bikes soon found themselves with empty shelves and warehouses. This is especially important for riders who use their e-bikes in urban environments, such as commuting to work or running errands.