Alter Ego Rebel Retro e-Bike

The Alter Ego Revolution Retro e-bike has a striking look and a powerful 500-watt motor, which makes it one of the lightest e-bikes on the market. The bike weighs only 420 pounds when wet, with a single 320mm disc up front and 240mm disc in back. A 4.4-gallon gas tank provides adequate energy to power the motor for up to 100 miles.

The Alter Ego Revolution e-bike has a sleek design and features a modern style. It has mechanical disc brakes and average tires for a comfortable cruise. There are two versions available: the 500 PRO and 750 PRO. Both have the same battery (Samsung 48V) and an optional rear wheel brake. The 750-watt Bafang motor is more powerful and provides more power than other bikes.

The Alter Ego Revolution has an image-conscious design. The CB features an athletic and sporty look, while the Rebel has a minimalist and sleek appearance. Whether you want a retro, or urban style, the CB will be perfect for you. The 750-watt Bafang motor makes the ride both fun and exciting. And while it may be pricier than other e-bikes, it is worth it.

It is equipped with an advanced power system and features a range of up to 120 kilometers. The SL 1.1 motor is the lightest in its class, with a range of up to 100 kilometers and 240-watt power. With such high-performance capabilities, the Revolution is a great choice for those who live in urban areas. The bike has an ergonomic handlebar and a comfortable seat and the power-assist system is responsive and silent.