Eleglide M1 Plus Electric Mountain Bike Review

Welcome to our review of the Eleglide M1 Plus Electric Mountain Bike, a versatile and dynamic option for adults seeking an enjoyable commute or outdoor adventure. Featuring three modes to suit your riding preferences and a highly efficient motor paired with Shimano transmission, this bike offers a seamless and enjoyable riding experience like no other. With its Shimano 21 speed transmission for quick and reliable gear adjustments, the Eleglide M1 Plus ensures a smooth and efficient ride every time. Let’s dive deeper into the world of this innovative electric mountain bike.

Eleglide M1 Plus Electric Mountain Bike

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Great value option
The Eleglide Electric Bike M1 Plus is a versatile and well-made electric mountain bike suitable for adults seeking a reliable commuting option. With its easy assembly, ample power from the electric motor, and solid build quality, this bike offers good value for money despite minor comfort issues reported by some users.
  • Good value for the money
  • Easy to assemble
  • 12.5Ah removable battery
  • LCD display
  • Dual disk brake
  • Shimano 21 speed
  • Heavy weight
  • Uncomfortable saddle

The Eleglide M1 Plus 27.5″/29” E Mountain Bike is a cutting-edge electric bicycle designed for adult riders seeking a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. The bike offers three versatile modes – bike mode, electric-assist mode, and pure electric mode, providing riders with the flexibility to choose their preferred riding style. This electric bike is equipped with a highly efficient motor and features Shimano 21-speed transmission, allowing for quick and reliable gear adjustments to enhance the overall riding experience.

Constructed with a durable aluminum frame, the Eleglide M1 Plus boasts a sleek and modern design in a classic black color, making it both stylish and functional. The bike features front and rear disc brakes with a power-off design for added safety and control, while the suspension fork provides a smooth and comfortable ride, especially on rough terrain. The 27.5” wheel size is ideal for mountain biking adventures, and the adjustable seat ensures a customized fit for each rider.

Technical Specifications
  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Wheel size: 27.5 Inches
  • Number of speeds: 21
  • Brake type: Front & Rear Disc Brakes
  • Battery: 12.5Ah Removable Battery
  • Display: LCD Display

Included with the Eleglide M1 Plus are essential components such as a tool kit, throttle kit, charger, LCD display, and user manual, making it convenient for users to assemble and maintain their electric bike. With its 12.5Ah removable battery, riders can enjoy long-lasting power and performance, while the included odometer, headlight, and dual disc brake further enhance the bike’s functionality. Whether commuting to work or exploring outdoor trails, the Eleglide M1 Plus E Mountain Bike offers a reliable and enjoyable riding experience for all.

Powerful Performance Features
  • Three modes: bike mode, electric-assist mode, pure electric mode
  • Highly efficient motor with Shimano transmission
  • Shimano 21 speed transmission (3 speed + 7 speed)
  • Quick and reliable gear adjustment

Eleglide Electric Bike M1 Plus Review

In our review of the Eleglide Electric Bike M1 Plus 27.5″/29”, we found it to be a versatile and well-made electric mountain bike suitable for adults looking for a reliable commute option. Below are some key points based on user reviews:

Assembly and Build Quality

  • Easy to assemble with clear instructions
  • Packaged well for safe delivery
  • Solidly built with good value for its price point
  • Controls are user-friendly and complete the build easily

Performance and Features

  • The electric motor provides ample power and enhances the riding experience
  • 5 levels of power assist suit various terrains and preferences
  • Battery life is satisfactory, lasting through long rides with ease

Real-world Application

  • A user in their late 70s shared a transformative experience using the Eleglide bike despite health challenges
  • The bike aided in weight loss, increased energy, and overall well-being after consistent daily use
  • Personalization and customization options available for enhanced comfort and performance

User Experience and Challenges

  • Minor setbacks with the manual’s usability and lack of detailed setup instructions
  • Comfort issues with the stock seat resolved through aftermarket upgrades
  • Adjustments made to accommodate individual needs and preferences

Bottom Line:

The Eleglide Electric Bike M1 Plus impresses with its performance, ease of assembly, and overall value. While some user-reported challenges exist, such as the manual’s shortcomings and comfort adjustments needed for certain users, the majority find the bike to be a worthwhile purchase that enhances their riding experience. The Eleglide presents a solid option for those seeking an electric mountain bike with reliable performance and user-friendly features.

Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Right Electric Mountain Bike

When it comes to choosing an electric mountain bike, there are several key considerations to keep in mind to ensure you find the right one for your needs. This guide will walk you through the process step by step, focusing on the Eleglide Electric Bike, M1 Plus 27.5″/29” E Mountain Bike.

Key Considerations

1. Riding Terrain

  • Determine where you will primarily ride your electric mountain bike (e.g., trails, mountains, urban areas).
  • Ensure that the bike’s design and features align with the terrain you plan to tackle.

2. Battery Life and Range

  • Consider the battery capacity and range of the electric bike, especially if you plan on long rides or commuting.
  • Opt for a model with a removable battery for easier charging.

3. Motor Power and Performance

  • Evaluate the motor power and torque to ensure it meets your riding preferences and needs.
  • Look for a responsive motor that provides smooth assistance when pedaling.

4. Braking System

  • Check the type of braking system (e.g., dual disc brakes) for efficient and reliable stopping power.
  • Ensure the brakes are durable and responsive to different riding conditions.

5. Gear System

  • Verify the gear system’s speed range (e.g., Shimano 21-speed) for optimal performance on various terrains.
  • Choose a gear system that suits your riding style and skill level.

Steps to Make an Informed Decision

1. Research

  • Explore reviews and ratings of the Eleglide Electric Bike, M1 Plus, to understand its performance and durability.
  • Compare specifications and features with other electric mountain bike models in the market.

2. Test Ride

  • Visit a local bike shop to test ride the Eleglide Electric Bike, M1 Plus, to assess comfort and handling.
  • Ensure the bike fits your size and riding preferences.

3. Budget Consideration

  • Determine your budget and weigh it against the features and specifications of the electric mountain bike.
  • Look for promotions or discounts that may make the bike more affordable.


Finding the right electric mountain bike involves considering the riding terrain, battery life, motor power, braking system, and gear system. Conduct thorough research, test ride the bike, and align your budget with the desired features to make an informed decision. The Eleglide Electric Bike, M1 Plus, offers a versatile option for adult riders seeking a reliable and efficient electric mountain bike.

E-Bike Essentials

How long does the battery last on the Eleglide Electric Bike?

The 12.5Ah removable battery on the Eleglide Electric Bike can typically last between 30 to 50 miles on a single charge, depending on factors such as the rider’s weight, terrain, speed, and assist level used during the ride.

What is the weight capacity of the Eleglide Electric Bike?

The weight capacity of the Eleglide Electric Bike, M1 Plus 27.5″/29” E Mountain Bike is typically around 250 lbs or 113 kg. Always refer to the product specifications provided by the manufacturer for the most accurate information.

What are the main advantages of electric bikes over traditional bicycles?

Electric bikes offer several advantages over traditional bicycles, such as assisted pedaling which makes cycling easier, especially uphill or over long distances. They allow users to cover greater distances with less effort, making them a more accessible transportation option for various fitness levels. Additionally, electric bikes are more environmentally friendly than cars and can help reduce overall carbon emissions. They also provide the flexibility to switch between electric and manual modes, providing a versatile riding experience.

How do you choose the right electric bike model based on your specific needs and preferences?

When choosing the right electric bike model based on your specific needs and preferences, there are several factors to consider. First, determine the primary use of the electric bike – whether it’s for commuting, recreational riding, off-road adventures, or a mix of all. Next, consider the terrain you will be riding on, as this will impact the type of bike and features you need. Pay attention to the motor power, battery range, frame size, suspension system, braking system, and gear configuration to ensure they align with your requirements. Additionally, test ride different models if possible to get a feel for comfort, handling, and overall performance. Research customer reviews and expert recommendations to make an informed decision. By evaluating these aspects, you can choose the right electric bike model that best suits your needs and preferences.

Does the Eleglide Electric Bike come with a warranty?

Yes, the Eleglide Electric Bike comes with a warranty. Our product typically includes a warranty that covers various components of the electric bike. The specific details of the warranty, such as duration and coverage, should be detailed in the product documentation or can be confirmed with the manufacturer.

How fast can the Eleglide Electric Bike, M1 Plus go?

The Eleglide Electric Bike, M1 Plus can reach speeds up to 20 mph, which is the typical speed limit for electric bikes in most regions. It is important to adhere to local laws and regulations regarding the use of electric bikes on public roads.

Is the Eleglide Electric Bike suitable for off-road trails?

Yes, the Eleglide Electric Bike, M1 Plus 27.5″/29″ E Mountain Bike is suitable for off-road trails. With its 27.5″ or 29″ wheel options, Shimano 21-speed gear system, and dual disc brakes, this electric bike is designed to handle various terrains, including off-road trails.

What are the key maintenance tips to ensure the longevity and performance of electric bikes?

Maintaining an electric bike properly is crucial to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Here are some key maintenance tips:

  1. Regularly Check and Inflate Tires: Keep an eye on tire pressure and ensure they are properly inflated to the recommended PSI for a smooth and efficient ride.
  2. Keep the Chain Lubricated: Regularly lubricate the chain to prevent rust and ensure smooth functioning.
  3. Inspect Brakes: Check the brake pads regularly for wear and tear, and adjust or replace them when needed to maintain effective braking performance.
  4. Keep Battery Charged: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for charging the battery, and avoid fully depleting it before recharging. This will help preserve the battery life.
  5. Check Electrical Components: Inspect wires, connections, and electrical components for any signs of damage or wear. Clean them regularly and address any issues promptly.
  6. Store Properly: Store the electric bike in a dry place, away from extreme temperatures and humidity, to prevent damage to sensitive components.

By following these maintenance tips, you can extend the longevity and performance of your Eleglide Electric Bike, M1 Plus, ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Eleglide Electric Bike – your trusted companion for commuting and adventure. Join us in embracing a sustainable and enjoyable way to navigate your daily journeys.

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